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Prof. Eiichiro Komatsu

Univ. Texas Austin



Dr. Eugene Lim

Columbia University
New Windows On The Early Universe




The 2nd China-Korea Joint Seminar on Dark Matter Search

Seoul National University





Peiro Ullio

SISSA, Italy
Indirect detection of  WIMP dark matter a multi-wavelength Perspective 

James Bullock
UC Irvine
Dwarf Galaxy and dark matter





Some Thoughts on string Cosmology







Neutrino Oscillations and Neutrino Telescopes



Workshop on Dark Matter And Dark Energy



Changbom Park

Transformation of Galaxy Morphology and Luminosity



The 4th Italian-sino Workshop on Relatiristic Astrophysics
2007.6.4 14:00-17:30 康熙   Semi-Analtical Modeling of Galaxy Formation 国台437
2007.5.29-6.1 14:00-17:00 李成   Connecting the Physical Properties of galaxies with their Clustering A308
2007.5.29 15:00-17:30 Ostriker   History of Star Formation in the Universe A601
2007.5.19-5.30   岳斌   合肥天文台暑期学校 合肥
2007.5.14-5.19   岳斌   上海超级计算机用户会议 上海
2007.5.12-5.13   陈学雷   第十界中国前沿科学研讨会的备案会 顺义
2007.5.8-5.12       射电放射坛 杭州
2007.4.22-4.28       LOFAR workshop Emmen
2007.4.19 15:00-17:00 崔伟   Astrophysics with Tev Photons 国台437
2007.4.11 9:00-12:00 陈学雷   WMAP ad CMB 北京大学天文系
2007.4.6-4.8   陈学雷, (秦波,王有刚等 ) 
参加 "Workshop on darkmetter and dark Energy" 云佛山
2007.3.28-3.29       Collaboration meeting Philadelphia SDSS
2007.3.22-3.24     UC Irvine Astrophysicl constrainrs on dark matter 美国
2007.2.14     UC Irvine 美国
2007.2.6 15:00 张军   A Linear Perturbation Theory of Inhomogeneous Reionization 国台437
2007年1月8日(星期一) 9:00- 学生   星系宇宙片学生开题报告 国台437
2006年12月29日(星期五) 9:30-16:30 王力帆等   暗能量与南极光学望远镜研讨会 国台437
2006年12月28日(星期四) 10:00 李月兴 Harvard-Smithsonian CfA Formation and Evolution of Galaxies and Quasars at redshift z ~ 6 国台437
2006年12月27日(星期三) 10:00 David Jewitt U.Hawaii Three fun topics in Hawaii Astronomy: Pan Starrs, Origin of the Oceans, Capture of the irregular satellites 国台127
2006年12月21日(星期四) 14:30 强丽娥 北师大物理系 Cosmology and generalized PPN formalism of five-dimensional gravity 国台437
2006年12月20日(星期三) 10:00 詹虎 U.C.Davis Cosmology with the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope 国台437
2006年11月15日-12月4日   陈学雷    访问Caltech, Princeton 美国
2006年10月27日(星期五) 14:30 徐怡冬   journal club 国台127
2006年10月25日(星期三) 15:30 陈学雷   暗物质简介 清华大学高等研究院
2006年10月24日(星期二) 14:30 陕欢源   The bullet cluster: proof of dark matter, mass of neutrinos, and laws of gravity 国台437
2006年10月22日(星期日) 14:30 陈学雷   宇宙线探测讨论 国台437
2006年10月20日(星期五) 14:30 岳斌   journal club 国台310
2006年10月18日(星期三) 14:30     今年诺贝尔物理奖与宇宙学前沿讨论会 理论物理所322
2006年10月13日(星期五) 14:30 苏萌   journal club 国台127
2006年10月11日(星期三)   陈学雷   参加中韩暗物质探测会议 清华大学甲所
2006年10月7日-10月10日   陈学雷   (1)今年诺贝尔物理奖简介 (2) 暗物质与天体物理 山东大学
2006年9月30日(星期六) 09:30 黄峰   journal club 国台310
2006年9月25日-9月28日   陈学雷, (王友刚, 岳斌, 苏萌) 
参加 7th Sino-German Workshop Galaxies, Super-massive Black Holes and the Cosmic Web 上海天文台
2006年9月22日(星期五) 14:30 王友刚   journal club 国台310
2006年9月22日-9月24日   陈学雷    参加 SDSS 会议 首尔大学
2006年9月19日-9月21日   陈学雷    参加 2nd KIAS workshop on cosmology and structure formation 韩国高等研究院
2006年9月15日(星期五) 14:30 张乐   journal club 国台310
2006年9月8日(星期五) 14:30 巩岩   journal club 国台310
2006年9月6日(星期三) 14:30 Maurin, David U. Torino, INFN Propagation of Cosmic Rays in the Galaxy 国台127
August 28th-September 2nd       2nd Sino-French Workshop on Dark Universe IHEP/ITP/BNU/NAOC
August 25th (Friday) 14:00 Xin Wang, Feng Huang   journal club NAOC 437
August 23rd (Wednesday) 10:00 Assi. Prof. Manoj Kaplinghat UC Irvine A New Look at the Dark Matter in the Universe NAOC 437
August 21st (Monday) 10:00 Assi. Prof. Manoj Kaplinghat UC Irvine Blackboard Lecture on Big Bang Nucleosynthesis NAOC 437
August 18th (Thursday) 10:00 Assi. Prof. Manoj Kaplinghat UC Irvine Blackboard Lecture on Cosmic Microwave Background NAOC 437
August 11th (Friday) 14:30 Changjun Gao   journal club NAOC 310
August 9th (Wednesday) 10:00 Dr. Nidal Chamoun HIAST Variation of constants in the cosmological arena NAOC 127
August 4th (Friday) 13:30 Xuelei Chen   journal club NAOC 310
August 2nd (Wednesday) 10:00 Assi Prof. Shufang Su University of Arizona SuperWIMP dark matter NAOC 437
July 16th-July 23rd       COSPAR 06 Beijing
July 9th-July 28th       visit ICRAnet and ICTP Italy
July 2nd-July 5th       visit University of HongKong HongKong
June 26th-July 2nd       OCPA06 Taipei
June 5th-June 25th       String 06 summer school and conference ITP
May 23rd-June 20th       visit Caltech  
May 12th-14th       2nd Beijing Dark Energy Workshop Yanqing
April 17th-30th       visit SHAO  
April 11th 2006 (Tuesday) 9:00     WMAP Workshop ITP
April 6th 2006 (Thursday) 14:00 Prof. Maohai Huang NAOC The Herschel Infrared Space Observatory: overall status, science objectives, instruments, ground segment, and Chinese collaboration NAOC Seminar Room 437
March 30th 2006 (Thursday) 10:00 Assoc. Prof. Fukun Liu PKU Astronomy Formation and Evolution of Binary Supermassive Black Holes in Galaxies NAOC Seminar Room 437
March 24th 2006(Friday) 14:00 Professor Xuelei Chen NAOC The WMAP 3rd year result NAOC Seminar Room 437
March 23rd (Thursday) 14:00 Professor Jianmin Wang IHEP SDSS quasars: black hole spin and evolution NAOC Seminar Room 437
March 16th 2006 (Thursday) 14:00 Professor Yipeng Jing SHO Baryon Acoustic Oscillation and Dark Energy Observation NAOC Seminar Room 437
March 9th 2006 (Thursday) 14:00 Professor Miao Li ITP String Theory and Cosmology NAOC Seminar Room 127
Feb 20th-March 2nd 2006       abroad  
Feb 16th 2006 (Thursday) 15:00 Dr. Changjun Gao Tsinghua University Exact Solutions of Einstein Equations and Dark Energy Cosmology NAOC Seminar Room 437
Jan 13th 2006       Astronomy software training MiYun
Jan 4th-5th 2006       AMS and dark matter conference ITP
Dec 20th-25th 2006       dark matter workshop ITP
Dec 17th 2005 (Wednesday) 10:00 Dr. Gang Chen University of Hawaii Looking for Non-Gaussianity in CMB through three-point functions NAOC Seminar Room 510
Nov 30th 2005 (Wednesday) 15:00 Ningning Tang Tsinghua University Selection effects in Gamma-ray bursts standard candles NAOC Seminar Room 510
Nov 24th 2005 (Thursday) 16:00 Weike Xiao USTC A physical bias and its effect in cosmological N-body simulations NAOC Seminar Room 127
Nov 17th 2005 (Thursday) 10:00 Professor Zuhui Fan Astronomy Department, Peking University Systematic errors on H0 determination due to triaxiality of clusters NAOC Seminar Room 510
Nov 16th 2005 (Wednesday) 10:00     Dark energy workshop Astronomy Department BNU
Nov 9th 2005 (Wednesday) 10:00 Dr. Jun Pan University of Hawaii Three-point functions NAOC Seminar Room 510
Oct 25th 2005 (Tuesday) 10:00 Professor J.S. Alcaniz Observatorio Nacional Brazil The Dark Universe: Matter, Energy, Gravity NAOC Seminar Room 127
Oct 22th-23th 2005       Dark energy workshop Nanhua Resort, JinHai Lake
Oct 19th-21th 2005       LAMOST conference Suzhou
Oct 13th-17th 2005       Annual meeting of Chinese Astronomical Society USTC
Oct 10th 2005 (Monday) 16:00 Professor Ronggen Cai ITP From black hole thermodynamics to holographic universe NAOC Seminar Room 437
Sept 26th 2005 (Monday) 15:00 Dr. Bo Feng NAOC The Quintom Model of Dark Energy NAOC Seminar Room 437
Sept 26th 2005 (Monday) 10:00 Prof. Yu Gao Purple Mountain Observatory Global Star Formation Law in Galaxies NAOC Seminar Room 437
Sept 17th-19th 2005       China-UK Astronomy Conference Wofo Temple
Sept 1st-7th 2005       China-Germany Radio Astronomy Conference Kashigar
August 26th 2005 (Friday) 14:30 Arlin Crotts Columbia University JEDI and ALPACA: two novel approaches to optical surveys to study dark energy NAOC Seminar Room 127
Aug 21st-26th 2005       Particle physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology International Academic Conference ITP
Jul 23th-Aug 16th 2005       Particle physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology Summer School of HangZhou Department of Physics ZJU
July 13th 2005 (Wedsday) 14:00 Pengjie Zhang Fermilab Peculiar velocity: a hidden window of cosmos NAOC Seminar Room 127
July 12th 2005 (Tuesday) 14:00 Dr. Yongzhong Xu Los Alamos Five methods of measuring dark matter NAOC Seminar Room 510
July 4th-8th 2005       Dark Energy and Dark Matter Discussion CCAST
Jun 17th-20th 2005 14:00 Hongsheng Zhao St. Andrews University, UK Introductory Lectures: Galactic Dynamics NAOC Seminar Room 510
Jun 16th 2005 (Thursday) 15:00 Assoc. Prof.Assoc. Prof.Xiaojun Bi IHEP Observation of Galaxy substructure and dark energy annihilation in YangBajing experimentation NAOC Seminar Room 510
Jun 9th 2005 (Thursday) 14:00 Daming Chen NAOC Nonsingular density distribution of dark halo and strong gravitational lensing NAOC Seminar Room 510
March-May 2005       abroad  
Jan 24th 2005 (Monday) 15:00 Prof. Hanying Guo ITP Why we emphasize the tests of general relativity NAOC Seminar Room 127
Jan 19th 2005 (Wednesday) 14:00 Prof. Xu Zhou NAOC Status and prospects of BATC survey NAOC Seminar Room 127
Jan 10th 2005 (Monday) 15:00 Prof. Hongbo Hu IHEP Present conditions of Gamma Astronomy and YangBajing experimentation NAOC Seminar Room 127

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