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Cosmic Dark Energy and Dark Matter
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Academic Communications and Collaborations

We recognize the vital importance of active academic communications. Many colleagues have spoken on our weekly seminar (the seminar is postponed if there is a major conference in related field in Beijing the same week).

We also invite all colleagues to contact us, especially those working or studying outside China. If you have a chance to visit Beijing, e.g. when you are attending a conference, visiting another institute, visiting your family, or taking a vacation, etc., and regardless you know us or not, as long as you have time, we welcome you to present your work to us.

We also welcome cooperation in cosmology research in many other forms, such as guest visits, joint training of graduate students, intern of undergraduate students, etc. If you are interested, please contact us at the address below:

Email: xuelei@cosmology.bao.ac.cn
Tel: 86-10-64878798

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