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Selected Publications:

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Testing the axion-conversion hypothesis of 3.5 keV emission with polarization, Yan Gong, Xuelei Chen and Hua Feng, PRL accepted, arXiv: 1612.05697 (2016)


Intensity mapping of H-alpha, H-beta, [OII] and [OIII] lines at z<5, Yan Gong et al., ApJ accepted, arXiv: 1610.09060 (2016)


Axion decay and anisotropy of near-IR extragalactic background light, Yan Gong, Asantha Cooray et al., ApJ, 825, 104 (2015).


Consistency test on the cosmic evolution, Yan Gong, Yin-Zhe Ma, Shuang-Nan Zhang and Xuelei Chen, PRD, 92, 063523 (2015).


Cross-correlation of Near- and Far-infrared Background Anisotropies as Traced by Spitzer and Herschel,  Cameron Thacker, Yan Gong, Asantha Cooray et al., ApJ, 811, 125 (2015).


Ultraviolet luminosity density of the universe during the epoch of reionization, Ketron Mitchell-Wynne, Asantha Cooray, Yan Gong et al., Nature Communications, 6, 7945 (2015).


On the origin of near-infrared extragalactic background light anisotropy, Michael Zemcov, Joseph Smidt, Toshiaki Arai, James Bock, Asantha Cooray, Yan Gong et al., Science, 346, 732-735 (2014).


Foreground contamination in Ly-alpha intensity mapping during the epoch of reionization, Yan Gong et al., ApJ, 785, 72 (2014).


The extragalactic background light from the measurements of the attenuation of high-energy gamma-ray spectrum, Yan Gong & Asantha Cooray, ApJL, 772, L12 (2013) .


Probing the Pre-Reionization Epoch with Molecular Hydrogen Intensity Mapping, Yan Gong, Asantha Cooray & Mario Santos, ApJ, 768, 130 (2013).


Intensity Mapping of Lyman-alpha Emission During the Epoch of Reionization, Marta Silva, Mario G. Santos, Yan Gong & Asantha Cooray, ApJ, 763, 132 (2013).


Near-infrared background anisotropies from diffuse intrahalo light of galaxies”,   A. Cooray, J. Smidt, F. De Bernardis, Yan Gong et al., Nature, 494, 514 (2012).


The Near-IR Background Intensity and Anisotropies During The Epoch of Reionization, Asantha Cooray, Yan Gong (corresponding author) et al., ApJ, 756, 92 (2012).


HerMES: A Statistical Measurement of the Redshift Distribution of Herschel-SPIRE Sources Using the Cross-correlation Technique, K. Mitchell-Wynne, A. Cooray, Yan Gong (corresponding author) et al., ApJ, 753, 23 (2012).


Intensity Mapping of the [CII] Fine Structure Line during the Epoch of Reionization, Yan Gong et al., ApJ, 745, 49 (2012).


Probing Reionization with Intensity Mapping of Molecular and Fine Structure Lines, Yan Gong et al., ApJL, 728, L46 (2010).


Cosmology with Photometric Surveys of Type Ia Supernovae, Yan Gong, Asantha Cooray & Xuelei Chen, ApJ, 709, 1420-1428 (2010).


Primordial Non-Gaussianity from LAMOST Surveys, Yan Gong, Xin Wang, Zheng Zheng & Xuelei Chen, Res. Astron. Astrophys., 10, 107-115 (2010).


Cosmological Implications of 5-dimensional Brans-Dicke Theory, Li-e Qiang, Yan Gong, Yongge Ma & Xuelei Chen, Phys.Lett.B, 681, 210 (2009).


Features of holographic dark energy under the combined cosmological constraints, Yin-Zhe Ma, Yan Gong (corresponding author) & Xuelei Chen, Eur.Phys.J.C, 60, 303-315 (2009).


Cosmological Constraints on Invisible Decay of Dark Matter, Yan Gong & Xuelei Chen, Phys.Rev.D, 77, 103511 (2008).





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